Yes, Men Can (And Should) Get Botox®

Yes, Men Can (And Should) Get Botox®

In recent years, it’s become more openly acceptable for men to have an interest in cosmetics, from wearing makeup to having surgical procedures to enhance their appearance. Many men are using injectables in the same way they enhance themselves through gym time and visits to their barber. Botox® is the most common injectable used by men, even earning the nickname “Brotox.”

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ernest M. DiGeronimo provides Botox for men for a more youthful, vigorous appearance. 

An overview of Botox 

Originally, Botox (botulinum toxin type A) was explored for its medical applications, such as reducing migraines and relaxing muscles contributing to strabismus, or lazy eye. The purified neurotoxin’s later reputation as a cosmetic injectable was unexpected, but well-earned. 

Botox injections allow practitioners to temporarily relax tense muscles in the face, reducing certain types of wrinkles. These include dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by certain expressions and years of folding into the same lines. By targeting specific muscles, an experienced injector can successfully freeze these tiny areas of the face where wrinkles form, reducing their appearance and preventing them from deepening. 

Why men should consider Botox 

There are plenty of self-improvement and cosmetic procedures that are socially acceptable for men, including hair transplants, teeth whitening, and eyelid lifts. This has gradually expanded to include injectables like Botox. 

Men aren’t as conditioned to worry about gray hairs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own concerns about aging. While some men find themselves more handsome as the years go on, others feel uncomfortable as their skin begins to crease. 

Some wrinkles can significantly age your face, giving you a more severe or tired appearance. Botox can address this problem by keeping your skin from creasing in the first place. This effect is temporary, so it doesn’t last forever, but that also means you can try it once or repeat the procedure to perfect your results. 

The rise of ‘Brotox’

If you’ve looked into injectables before, you’ve likely noticed that most of the marketing is directed towards women. This doesn’t mean men don’t receive Botox on a regular basis; in actuality, over a quarter million “Brotox” treatments were administered to men in 2020 alone. 

This number is only continuing to grow, especially as young people grow more conscious of how they’re aging and what can be done about it. Botox injections are an appealing solution for both genders; they can alleviate the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles while slowing down their development. 

Don’t let the judgment of others keep you from maintaining your appearance. To learn more about Botox for men, schedule a consultation with Dr. Enest DiGeronimo by calling 305-376-0378, or request an appointment online

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