Brazilian Butt Lift


Patients who want a fuller, rounder, more proportionate buttock will benefit from this procedure. Harvesting fat from other parts of the body by liposuction and then transferring it to the needed areas of the buttock will fill out and shape the butt cheeks to give the body a more curvy, attractive and shapely feminine figure.

If you feel you need extra volume in your buttock and have fat to spare in other parts of your body to donate, then this operation is perfect for you. 

Double Benefit

Donating or taking fat from the abdomen and waist for example to place in the buttock for volume will not only improve and increase the size of the buttock, but will also give you the slimmer and more shapely waist line you always wanted. Double your benefits with a fuller and shapelier buttock and a slimmer and sexier waist line.


This procedure can be done either under local anesthesia while you are relaxed with a small pill, or done while you are completely asleep with general anesthesia. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


You will feel sore for a couple of weeks, getting better each day. A compression garment will be necessary for a period of time to secure the areas and shape the body. In one week you will feel good enough to continue your routine except for sports or extreme activities.

The fat transfer Brazilian Butt Lift is a natural and permanent solution for a more attractive buttock.


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