Botox - Dysport - Xeomin Procedure


Wrinkle removal by muscle relaxation for cosmetic and aesthetic applications has been much talked about and has been used successfully in the field on cosmetic enhancement and facial rejuvenation. It can eliminate years from your face with a procedure of only small injections taking a matter of minutes. Unlike surgery, it is virtually non-invasive and is safe and simple.

These products are a purified protein that works by blocking overactive nerve impulses that trigger excessive muscle contractions. The muscle contractions or overactive extreme and repetitive expressions cause folding in the skin in the same spot, thus making an unwanted wrinkle or line. Forehead lines or smile lines are an example of this. The relaxing effect is temporary and lasts from approximately three to ten months, depending on the individual patient and indication.

This procedure therapy should only be administered by a trained and qualified physician. Expect great results tailored to your specific wrinkles and needs as you will tell Dr. DiGeronimo which lines bother you.


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