Face Lift Surgery


Face and Neck Lift This procedure takes away years from the aging look of your face. Dr. DiGeronimo always makes sure you look natural and not stretched and gives you the younger look you always wanted. This is a procedure that tightens the sagging loose skin and restores the youthful look of the jaw and neck with a natural youthful appearance. Skin, fat and muscles of the face are treated by this surgery. You will look like your natural self but fresher and younger.


  1. The incisions are made at the site where your skin will be stretched. The incisions are usually placed in the hairline, within the natural crease between the ear and face (in front of the ear and under the chin). The incision then continues around in front of the earlobe. At the top of the ear it curves back into the hairline. Some incisions extend into the temple hair above the ear and curves slightly forward. Incisions can also be made underneath the chin.
  2. The skin is then “lifted,” and carefully cut beneath the fat. The skin is gently pulled at the lip, cheek, and mid-line of neck. This is where the tissue is separated delicately. The thin fascia (connective tissue of the face) is also pulled back to provide deeper support to the facial skin, especially around the jaw line. This is called a “Deep” facelift.
  3. The tissue is then stitched behind the ear, and any existing fat is removed to give a sleep and clean look.
  4. Some wrinkles may also be removed by gently smoothing the skin back toward the ears.


Immediately after your procedure, you will experience some temporary swelling and bruising in your mid-face region, which may take several weeks to completely resolve. On the first night, it’s important to rest with your head elevated to decrease swelling and bruising. You can use a cold compress for comfort and to help control swelling. Additionally, pain medication may be prescribed for post-operative pain.


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