Brow lift Surgery


The brow can show visible signs of aging. The browlift can repair wrinkles, scowl lines found between the eyebrows at the nose, falling eyebrows, and crow’s feet. Often such signs of aging can be lessenesd through non-surgical means such as scrubs and peels, fat transplants, or botox injections. However, in some cases a brow lift is the best option.

The ideal location of the brow is at the level of the bony orbital rim in a man and about half inch above that for woman. If the position of your brow is below that you may be a good candidate for a brow lift.

Usually the brow can be lifted with 2 or 3, ½ inch incisions behind the hairline. That means no visible marks or scars show. With small thin instruments the skin is repositioned and smoothed out. This can if you want raise the eyebrow position if it has sagged or fallen with the years. Other techniques may vary by positioning the pull where it is most needed. In general, this operation is performed along with a facelift operation because that is the age group where there is a need.


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