Thigh Lift


If you have excess skin and fat hanging from your thighs, it can be greatly improved with a thigh lift. Thigh tightening will improve the firmness, dimpling, and cellulite of the thighs. This procedure is usually done with the patient asleep under general anesthesia or can be done with sedation. The procedure removes the loose skin as well as fat. The procedure takes 2-2 ½ hours and can be done in the office surgery center or in the hospital. Incisions may vary according to the severity of the loose skin and excess fat. You will be sore, but walking is important. You will be instructed daily on what to do and will have frequent office visits to care for the incisions. Recovery will require pain killers and antibiotics as well as frequent visits to the office for wound care. Scars always show to some degree, but the placement of the scars is important to hide as much as possible. Scars will fade to some degree with time over the months.


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