Why Are My Breasts Sagging?

Why Are My Breasts Sagging?

Television, film, billboards and magazines have given us an almost impossible to achieve “ideal” of what the natural female body should look like. In reality, every woman’s body is different. Genetics, lifestyle, stage of life, and other factors can all impact how your breasts look, move, and feel. 

Our team of health care professionals at DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery knows how important it can feel to have perky breasts. First, we help you understand why your breasts might be sagging, then we show you how to achieve your personal desires with a breast lift

Causes of breast sagging 

Breast tissue is made up of muscle, fat, and ligaments (known as Cooper’s ligaments). These ligaments are what hold your breasts up. When the ligaments stretch, which can be due to many causes, your breasts will start to droop.

Aging and gravity

As you get older, your ligaments and skin begin to stretch, which allows sagging. This can happen anywhere on your body. Gravity pulls on your entire physique, and if skin laxity is compromised, sagging is going to happen. That’s just how it is. 

Collagen and elastin deficiency

Connected to aging is reduced estrogen production, which contributes to slowed production of the building blocks of your skin. The proteins collagen and elastin form the infrastructure that supports your skin and keeps it from sagging. If your breasts seem to still ride high but skin hangs off them, the problem is probably that your body isn’t making as much of these proteins anymore.

Larger breast and body sizes

Bigger breasts can mean more weight for the Cooper’s ligaments to support, leading to stretching. This is one of the more common causes of sagging breasts. A high body mass index can also cause the same effect, as can rapid weight loss followed by rapid regaining of weight. 

Younger breasts that sag

If you think you’re too young for your breasts to be sagging so much, look at your lifestyle. If you smoke, your body ages and sagging happens even faster than it does for nonsmokers. The same applies if you wear a low cut swimsuit without sunblock and your skin is subjected to photoaging.

Breast lifts

Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo can perform a breast lift to raise your breasts, remove excess skin or other tissue, and even reposition your areolas and nipples to make your breasts look younger, firmer, and more attractive. You can get a breast lift at almost any age provided you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Ready to deal with saggy breasts once and for all? To learn more about breast lifts or to schedule an appointment, contact our Miami, Florida, office today.

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