I Have Stubborn Pockets of Fat: Is Liposuction My Answer?

I Have Stubborn Pockets of Fat: Is Liposuction My Answer?

Are you unhappy with your body, even after putting in all of the work with diet and exercise to achieve your desired look? Fat has a way of hanging on stubbornly no matter what you do, and there’s no shame in getting a little help to finish that last mile of your body makeover.

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery, we provide liposuction to help sculpt your body to give you the physique and look you’ve always wanted but have been unable to achieve due to stubborn fat pockets. 

Liposuction basics

Liposuction, or body-contouring surgery, is an in-demand cosmetic procedure that helps tone and tighten problem body areas. The process is simple: A tiny incision allows insertion of a small tube, through which small amounts of fat can be suctioned. 

Dr. DiGeronimo consults with you about your hopes to figure out if you are a good candidate for lipo and to identify which areas of your body can benefit the most. From there, he creates a personalized plan to help you achieve your body goals.

Areas of the body where lipo can help

Hard-to-lose fat can be anywhere on your body; from as high up as your chin and neck to as low as your calves and your ankles. However, most people concentrate on the middle of their body when seeking liposuction, as this is where fat pockets most often remain.

The abdomen is one of the top places lipo is requested for. Men and women both can struggle with fat in these areas, although women tend to carry their fat lower on the torso than men. The hips and upper back are also common areas of the body for liposuction treatment.

Another frequent target for liposuction are the “saddlebags,” which are definitely more of a problem for women than men. These fat deposits are located on the outer thighs, just below the hip bones, and are famously resistant to diet and exercise. 

Good candidates for lipo

If you want liposuction, the general rule of thumb is that you must be in good health, be at or within 20 pounds of a healthy weight, have healthy, elastic skin, and maintain a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  

You’ll also need to understand the limitations of lipo. Liposuction isn’t intended to act as a weight-loss solution. At the most, typical patients only will lose a total of around two to five pounds with liposuction fat removal. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for liposuction, give our Miami, Florida, office a call or request an appointment online

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