How Plasma Injections Can Treat Your Wrinkles

How Plasma Injections Can Treat Your Wrinkles

The aging process, exposure to the sun, a smoking habit, weight gain and loss, smiling or frowning — all of these factors can contribute to wrinkles showing up on your face. Fortunately, there is a way to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and smooth away fine lines for a fresher look. 

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ernest M. DiGeronimo can help determine if you are a good candidate for plasma injections.

Platelet-rich plasma

Plasma injections contain platelet-rich plasma (PRP) created from a draw of your own blood. The vial of blood is centrifuged to remove the red and white blood cells and concentrate what’s left into a plasma full of platelets — the secret to your body’s regenerative powers. 

PRP is full of growth factors which, when injected subdermally (under the surface of the skin), attract more growth factors from elsewhere in your body by sending out a signal that healing is required. 

These growth factors trigger the formation of proteins like collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the infrastructure that holds up your skin. The new proteins form fresh scaffolding under your skin’s surface, plumping out wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother younger appearance.

We can inject PRP into lines and wrinkles in your forehead, and around the corners of your eyes, nose and mouth. Just one injection of plasma can make nasolabial folds (NLFs, the lines that run from the outer corners of your nostrils to the outer corners of your mouth) much less visible. In one study, 14 out of 17 patients saw more than a 25% improvement in the appearance of their NLFs.

Your plasma injection treatment

Plasma injection only takes about an hour from start to finish, and most of your time in our office will be spent relaxing and waiting for the plasma to be ready. When you arrive, we take a blood draw, then put it in the centrifuge. 

When the blood is finished spinning to separate its different components, we draw off the platelet-rich plasma, and return to your treatment room. We use a very tiny needle to inject the plasma in small amounts along the lines and wrinkles in your face.  

After your treatment, you can go right back to your day. Most of our patients experience no side effects and can see the results of treatment begin to take effect in just a few weeks. We work with you to repeat the treatment at intervals until the desired results are achieved. 

If you are tired of wrinkles and would like to try this holistic form of treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. DiGeronimo by calling 305-376-0378, or by requesting an appointment online

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