How Microneedling Stimulates New Collagen Growth

How Microneedling Stimulates New Collagen Growth

Lack of collagen can make your face look older, due to fine lines and wrinkles as gravity pulls your facial skin downwards and expressions cause creases. Stimulating collagen growth can help rejuvenate your face and also treat problems like dimples caused by acne scars.

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ernest M. DiGeronimo uses the Rejuvapen® microneedling system to kickstart collagen production and refresh tired, old, or scarred skin for a whole new look.

Introducing the Rejuvapen

The Rejuvapen is a type of handheld microneedling device used by Dr. DiGeronimo in our office. It’s a completely safe, sterile, FDA-approved device that has nine extremely fine needles inside a barrel that is gently rolled over the skin. The tips of the needles flash in and out of the barrel at a very fast speed, lightly pricking the skin.

During treatment, you’ll feel a slight tingling, buzzing or hot prickling sensation. We use a light numbing topical gel on request, so you may feel nothing at all. The point of the needle treatment is to inflict microinjuries — damage to your skin that is so small you won’t even notice it after treatment, but that your body will react strongly to.

How microneedling stimulates new collagen growth

Any time you suffer a wound, your body’s natural healing processes kicks into high gear. Messages are sent between cells and growth factors are sent to the site of the injury to speed healing. 

Signals also restart the collagen production process, meaning extra fibers are woven under the top layers of your skin to fill in weak spots. This happens invisibly under the surface, and you can’t even feel it happening.

Microneedling results

A few weeks after your treatment, you’ll be able to start seeing the effects. Fine lines, wrinkles, and even unevenness or dimples from acne scarring will start to smooth away as collagen fills in imperfections in your face from underneath the skin surface. 

You may also notice that your skin has additional flexibility and suppleness, and that areas of uneven pigmentations start to blend together, giving you a young, relaxed, and healthy look. Most people choose to schedule several microneedling treatments, a few weeks apart, to achieve their final desired result. 

Dr. DiGeronimo will help you create a customized plan that has microneedling as a core treatment. He may also recommend additional nonsurgical cosmetic options, such as plasma injections, to help you achieve your goals. 

Interested in Rejuvapen treatment for acne scars? Schedule a consultation by calling 208-225-4358, or request an appointment online.

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