How Long Does Breast Lift Recovery Take?

How Long Does Breast Lift Recovery Take?

 If you’re planning on undergoing a breast lift, you’ll need to take adequate time off and make the proper arrangements. While most patients hope to be back on their feet as quickly as possible, sometimes the body requires more downtime than you’d expect. 

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ernest M. DiGeronimo offers breast lift surgery to patients who want to reposition and perk up their breasts without increasing their size. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure and recovery time.

Breast lift basics

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure where the breasts are raised and reshaped to give them a rounder, more youthful appearance. The goal is simply to give your existing breasts a bit of a vertical boost. 

During your mastopexy, no breast tissue is removed, and no volume is added. Rather, your breasts will be gently and swiftly reshaped for a more youthful appearance. This might mean that your nipples are repositioned for a more natural look. Ideally, your entire bosom will sit higher on your chest without drooping or sagging.  

Many women seek out a mastopexy because of drooping or sagging caused by large breasts, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or loss of skin elasticity due to aging. Breast lifts are the ideal solution for women who want to look younger and sexier but don’t want a breast enlargement.

Breast lift recovery expectations

Breast lifts are considered minor surgeries but they still require some downtime. Ideally, you’ll have someone available to stay with you in the days following your breast lift surgery to help you change our bandages, attend to personal hygiene, dress you, and so on. Having a comfortable place to relax and some meals prepared in advance will help your recovery.

After your surgery, expect your breasts to feel sore and your entire torso to be a little tender. You’ll need at least a few days of complete bed rest and refrain from lifting your arms above chest height. There will be some discomfort, but your doctor will prescribe appropriate pain medication, and you can use ice packs to numb your breasts and make you more comfortable during the first few days. 

Depending on the specific work done on your breasts, you may need drains placed and your breasts wrapped with surgical gauze that goes around your torso. These drains are usually removed after a few days, but wrapping will continue for several more. You’ll need to wear a specialized surgical bra for proper support while your breasts heal fully. 

If you work a job that requires low exertion and allows you to sit down, you might be able to return to work in as little as a week. After about two weeks, you can return to light exercise, but you’ll have to be careful not to exert yourself unduly or lift anything heavy. After four to six weeks, you can go back to your normal routines.

Physically, you’ll be feeling completely recovered at about the three month mark. Cosmetically, you may not see final results (including scars fading) until almost a year after your surgery.

To learn more and determine if a breast lift is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. DiGeronimo and his team by calling 305-376-0378, or request an appointment online

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