Am I Too Old for a Breast Lift?

Over the years, your body goes through many transitions that change the shape and size of your breasts. These changes are normal and natural, whether they come from motherhood, aging, or lifestyle changes.

Our team of health care professionals at DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery understands the desire to restore a youthful, perky appearance to your breasts, which is why we offer breast lifts. This procedure is popular amongst women of all ages, though some may be under the misconception that they’re too old to get one.

In this blog, we discuss what happens during a breast lift and what makes you a good candidate for one.

What happens during a breast lift?

When you meet with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo, to discuss the desired result of your breast lift, he examines your breasts and takes note of their shape and size, as well as skin quality and the location of your areolas. He then determines what kind of incision is best suited for you based on your anatomy. He explains your options and what results you can reasonably expect from the procedure.

There are several different types of incisions used for breast lift procedures, including:

Women who experience minimal sagging would benefit from the partial mastopexy, while women with excess skin and lots of sagging would likely be referred for the mastopexy lift. Again, your surgeon determines what type of incision works best with your anatomy while giving you the best results possible.

Am I too old for a breast lift?

Many women over the age of 50 are deterred from getting a breast lift because they’ve been led to believe that they’re too old. However, this is a misconception! Women of any age can get a breast lift, so long as they’re otherwise healthy.

Age does not have a heavy hand in whether you’re a good candidate for a breast lift. What does make an ideal candidate is someone who:

Every patient must bring, in writing, a clean bill of health from her primary care physician. It must include blood work, medical history, an electrocardiogram for those aged 42 and older or with cardiac concerns, and a mammogram if it was requested by the physician. You are informed of which medications you should stop or start in the weeks prior to your surgery.

Don’t let your age get in the way of achieving your aesthetic goals. To learn more about breast lifts or to schedule an appointment, contact our Miami, Florida, office today.

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