Am I a Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

As youths, we typically take our beautiful, healthy hair for granted. We seldom think about a time when we might start losing our hair. Once that time comes, it can be heartbreaking. Many people try home remedies or store-bought solutions that may or may not take effect. However, there is an option that can restore your hair and bring back your confidence. At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery, we offer hair transplants that are performed by experts in the field of plastic surgery, and can bring you the results you long for.

How does a hair transplant work?

Your hair restoration journey begins with a consultation with Dr. DiGeronimo. During your consultation, you discuss your specific needs and options, as well as what to expect from your surgery. Discussing whether you would like a modest change or dramatic change with your surgeon will help determine what procedure is right for you.

There are multiple techniques for hair restoration, but depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, in addition to other factors — like hair quality and color — one of two main methods will be used:

Both methods are effective, but can have varying results. Setting realistic expectations is an important step, as it can take months to see results after the procedure. More than one procedure may be necessary to achieve the look you desire.

Am I a candidate?

Good candidates for hair transplant surgery include:

It’s important to understand that hair transplantation uses existing hair to help restore areas that are thinning or gone completely. Hair can be taken from the back or side of your head, your chest, or your back, if there’s enough to take. In addition to bringing you a fuller head of hair, the goal of this kind of surgery is to use your existing hair in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, someone with very little hair may not be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Dealing with hair loss and your journey to restoring it is personal. Our staff at DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery is here to help. Dr. DiGeronimo has the expertise necessary to guide you through your options and give you the best results possible. If you’re ready to take the next step in your hair restoration journey, give our Miami office a call at 305-376-0542 or request an appointment via our website.

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