5 Benefits of a Neck Lift

5 Benefits of a Neck Lift

The skin on our necks is not only highly visible, but also prone to the effects of aging. Facelifts are considered the gold standard for antiaging procedures, but this concept can be applied to the neck as well. By lifting the skin under your jaw, you can combat wrinkles, sagging, and even excess skin and fat. 

At DiGeronimo MD Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ernest M. DiGeronimo can help determine if neck lift surgery is the best way to restore your youthful look. 

An brief overview of platysmaplasty

“Turkey neck” is often used to describe the appearance of rolls and flab under the neck, though the name is rather unflattering. While you exercise your neck every day just by turning your head, it’s impossible to target fat and excess skin using exercise. 

To smooth out the skin under your jaw, you’ll need to approach the issue directly. This can be done using injectables and skin tightening, but these don’t always provide the best results. Noninvasive methods can take multiple sessions to work, and both injectables and laser treatments have limits. 

If you want to tighten up your neck quickly and effectively, surgery is your best bet. A neck lift, or platysmaplasty, might sound like the most intimidating option, but the process is relatively simple. 

During surgery, the doctor makes two small incisions along the back of your neck, close to your hairline. This minimizes scarring and speeds up recovery by limiting the damage your body has to heal. He suctions away excess fat and tightens the skin like a sling under the neck. The result is a smoother, younger looking neck — with no rolls or loose skin. 

5 Benefits of a neck lift 

People seek out cosmetic surgery for different reasons and experience different benefits depending on their personal goals. However, platysmaplasty has several key benefits, including: 

1. Quick recovery time

Compared to many other cosmetic surgeries, neck lifts have a relatively fast recovery period and heal quickly.

2. Minimal scarring

Dr. DiGeronimo can hide the incisions under your jawline, making it hard for anyone to tell you’ve had cosmetic surgery.

3. Jaw contouring

A major benefit of neck lifts is the ability to wrap skin back around the underside of the jawbone, doing away with droopy jowls.

4. Less sagging

A neck lift removes sagging skin, revealing a taut, youthful neck descending gracefully to the collarbone.

5. Fewer wrinkles 

Finally, wrinkles that occur when the neck is turned are much reduced after a neck lift, improving overall appearance.

Dr. DiGeronimo tailors every procedure to the patient and will make sure to discuss the details of your surgery before moving forward. Due to the minimal incisions, your recovery will be relatively quick and your scars will be well-hidden. 

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